Lotus Flower Tattoo Designs

Lotus flower tattoos work well for a variety of reasons. First they can be sized and placed just about anywhere. Of course they make super sexy lower back tattoo designs but they can also work for a man on his shoulder. They work well on a leg, calf, hip or just about anywhere and on either sex. This makes it a great tattoo design. It is also full of brilliant color making it a wonderful design that really stands out. It can easily be enhanced with vines, water, or even certain gods or other religious symbols. It can also be sized from really large for a full back design to really small for the top of a foot design. No matter where you want your next tattoo or what size you want it you might want to consider a lotus flower tattoo.

best sanskrit tattoo

The wrist is a popular place to ink your Sanskrit tattoo designs. The horizontal lines of Sanskrit characters link up nicely to form a permanent bracelet. While there are other popular designs for the wrist, for example Chinese and Japanese Kanji characters, they are not as elegant as Sanskrit tattoo designs. Armband tattoos using tribal designs are a rival for Sanskrit permanent bracelets, but they are usually thicker. Ultimately, which one you get would depend on your personal preference and the skill of your tattoo artist.

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

All around the world, people use tattoos to show that they belong to a special group, be it the soldiers, sailors, gangs or even aboriginal tribes. Nowadays, though, tattoos have also shown up among young people, as an expression of individuality. There are several popular designs, among them Sanskrit tattoo designs, dreamcatcher tattoos, Celtic crosses and tribal designs.

You can find people with tattoos in any of the First World nations - North America, Europe, Japan. These are all societies with a well-developed culture of fine arts, contributing to the creation of both tattoo artists as well as customers who appreciate fine tattoos.

Tattoos have gone in and out of fashion many times, but most recently they have seen a resurgence - led by popular celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. While Pitt started off as a "bad boy" actor, he seems to have been tamed by Jolie's passion for rescuing Third World orphans.

When you get a tattoo, it is important not only to select your perfect design but also to plan where you want to place it. For example, a dragon tattoo needs a large area - like your entire back - to fully show its glory. Whereas dreamcatcher tattoo designs tend to be smaller and more subtle. You might place them between the junction of neck and shoulder. But what about Sanskrit tattoo designs? Well, depending on your design, there are three different places which are popular: wrist, lower back and arm.